Low carb for BEGINNERS

Friends will help you, and encourage you on your journey… these are life’s true blessings! This is the beginning of  the newest version of YOU! Congratulations on the first step!

This is simply a grocery list and meal suggestions for those of you who are interested in trying a low carb high fat diet. This is not specifically Keto as I’m including more carbs than a ketogenic diet would allow. But I do not think that going from being a sugar burner to an extreme low carb fat burning machine happens over night. So work your way slowly into keto. Start by eating only real food and NO REFINED sugar. Just don’t do the REFINED sugar. It will tempt you in the beginning. Refined sugar is anything made with sugar, like cookies, cake, bread etc. You will smell things and you will want to eat them but remember, they will not be good to you. Because vegetables and fruit count as carbohydrates I would eat them, but remember to limit them. Especially fruits. Stick to Strawberries and blueberries. I also recommend having grapes on hand. If you are having an extreme craving for something off plan, have some grapes. They really take your mind off of the sugar as they give you sugar. But it’s real, not refined. Eventually you will be lowering your carbs to a point where there won’t be room for that much sugar, but for now, I believe, it’s an important part of your transition. Prior to starting a low carb diet you should be aware that you will have cravings, and headaches, and possibly even symptoms resembling a flu. This is normal. Your body is detoxifying from the effects of sugar. Don’t be scared of this you have to get through the difficult times to reap the rewards. And rewards are sure to come.


When you walk into the grocery store remind yourself “REAL FOOD” for the next 30 days you will be giving your body nutrition like your ancestors ate. Don’t touch anything that is in a box with lists of ingredients. Don’t buy anything that’s refined. But please eat. Don’t deny your body food at this time. You don’t want to feel starved. You will feel lots of things, moody, cravings, anger, headaches… all of that is from your body withdrawing from the sugar. But what you don’t want to feel is hungry.

Here is a sample grocery list:

FRUIT: Grapes, Apples (Do not consume these in massive quantities) A few grapes and a few slices of apples here and there will be enough to curb the cravings) NO BANNANAS this is not what weight watchers calls an unlimited item. This will cause you to have insulin spikes and store fat. Just stick to a little bit of grapes and apples if you need them. Eventually you will be weaning yourself away from even apples and grapes. Especially if you are trying to keep your carbs below 20g a day. 

Strawberries and blueberries which are berries are ok to eat in limited quantities as well.

VEGGIES: Green Leafy vegetables are GREAT! So bring home some mixed salad greens, baby spinach. mushrooms. celery. carrots. tomato (Limit this). Onion You want to have salads for lunch and dinner. You will be covering those salads in olive oil, apple cider vinegar, blue cheese dressing, or mayo. Full fat dressings only.

Avocados! (These are a fatty dream!)



Almonds are great! Macadamia! Walnuts (great on salad)

Almond Butter

Peanut Butter

Mayonnaise FULL FAT

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brags Apple Cider vinegar

Your favorite full fat salad dressing look at sugar and carbs Try to find one with little to no sugar and little to no carbs. Kens Steak house Blue Cheese Dressing is great.


I always buy mass quantities of frozen vegetables to stock my freezer with mostly because I know they will get used and eaten without going bad. Plus frozen vegetables are packed at their peak nutritional value.

Frozen Steam bag broccoli

Frozen Cauliflower (To make a cauliflower gratin RECIPE you also need heavy cream, Butter and grated cheddar cheese)

MEAT: Kielbasa (FULL FAT not turkey)

Hot Dogs (Stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and cooked in oven)

Bacon (Cook your bacon and save the fat, use the fat to cook your foods, brown your meats in it and just generally make things taste delicious)

Chicken Thighs WITH SKIN

Pork Chops

Sausage (Jones farm) check package for sugar content and sugar in ingredients

Chop meat (aka ground beef) make hamburgers a go to food. When you are hungry plan to fry up a burger patty with cheese. Eat that on a salad!

Did I say BACON! lol

Deli Meat (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Salami, Pepperoni etc) Also at the deli get the american cheese slices. This is real american and each slice microwaved for about 50 seconds will give you awesome crackers to eat your chicken salad

I happen to love cream cheese and salami or pepperoni and pickles

Rotisserie Chicken (when i eat rotisserie chicken for dinner, I take all the meat and make myself chicken salad with the mayo and celery the next day)


EGGS (I buy 3 containers of 18 eggs a week) eggs are a brilliant food! eat them.

BUTTER cook with butter cook with lots of butter. cover your vegetables with butter. Did you know that eating fat with vegetables helps your body absorb the fat soluble vitamins! A body that is a fat burning machine requires fat, so don’t be afraid! 

Half & Half or Heavy Cream for your coffee (NO sugar in your coffee. If you have to have it sweetened at this time I suggest using stevia) But wean yourself off of the sweetener

Cheese (All sizes and shapes) cheddar, provolone, swiss, cracker barrel, cabot buy it in chunks or buy it all shredded. have cheese around and plan to eat it. put it on your eggs. eat it with nuts

Pepper jack cheese slices for the cauliflower gratin recipe.

Cream Cheese (Eat this by itself or with the deli meats. I also dip my nuts in it. I put it on pork rinds with jalepenos)

sour cream & onion dip (check carbs and sugar but this should be ok, eat it with celery and carrots as small snack)

Parchment paper is a must. You need this to cook the american cheese in the oven or microwave to make crackers.




Eggs (Scrambled with cheese, Fried with butter, Fried in bacon fat, hard boiled, anyway you want eat them!)

Bacon, Ham, Sausages!

I buy Jones farms sausage but you can buy anything as long as it doesn’t contain sugar in the ingredients.

Coffee with heavy cream

Avocado covered in Olive Oil

Avocado salsa

once you get past cravings and feel like you are happily burning fat we will talk about adding in almond flour pancakes etc. But first, lets get you going on real food!

LUNCH: Plan on having a salad with lots of dressing of your choice (I take a small container and pour equal parts apple cider vinegar, Extra virgin olive oil, salt pepper and spices) also Blue Cheese Dressing. You need fat on your vegetables to absorb the vitamins. have some meat with this, little bit of lunch meat, maybe cheese, maybe chicken.

I like to roast the chicken thighs in the beginning of the week and eat that with my salad each day. Chicken thighs are inexpensive and fatty! LEAVE THE SKIN ON

Egg Salad! simply eggs, mayo & Pepper

Make American Cheese crackers. Place square of parchment paper on a plate and the american cheese. Cook this cheese for 45-55 seconds depending on your microwave. let it cool and you will have a nice delicious crunchy cracker. If it’s not crunchy then just cook it 5-10 seconds longer. Sometimes it gets brown. Eat your egg salad on this, or your chicken salad. I’ve also take two of these and made a ham and cheese sandwich with mayo, lettuce, mustard, ham, cheese, pickles.

Eat things on romaine leaves too.

or just roll up the ham and cheese


Plan to eat another salad. Salad of leafy greens provides magnesium with helps keep you regular!

I like to think of dinner as a vegetable and a meat of some kind.

So, if you buy about 4-5 different proteins for the week you can figure this out as you go. Roast some pork chops. Cook some hamburger patties.

Broccoli steamed with lots of butter and grated cheese.

Make pork chops and serve it with this! Cauliflower Gratin

Keto Egg Roll In a bowl!!! SO GOOD i make this once a week

Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Casserole

This is a go to website for me I Breathe I’m Hungry has THE BEST meal ideas, desserts and meal plans too. If you add her on Facebook you will have great ideas posted throughout the day!

If you need to have your menus planned out along with full grocery lists and you are ready to dive in to keto… I really suggest these MENU PLANS. They are really in depth and she has 7 full weeks of different meals breakfsst lunch and dinner! 
DO not allow yourself get bored with this way of eating. Just figure out alternatives. Ask friends, google it, ask me. I use pinterest all day long looking for “keto recipes”

I suggest trying this for 30 days! It is only 30 days! and by the end you will feel so great! That is how I did it! I was sick of feeling like my weight was controlling me. Counting calories did not work. I made a promise to try changing my life for 30 days and at 30 days re-evaluate…. and here i am 7 months later! Please give it a try! Like my page on Facebook and send me a message if you are interested in joining our support group, we would love to have you!

This is by no means a complete list.  I have so many more ideas and i’ll be updating this as it goes. So if this is interesting to you ask me questions and I’ll keep adding more !




This is a American cheese cracker with chicken salad!  


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