Athletes & Ketogenic Diet

Are you an athlete at any level and considering what type of diet you should be consuming to get the most out of your workouts? I’m going to suggest a fantastic movie that you watch showing how the main stream “carb loading” for optimal performance is probably not your best option anymore. Science plays a big role in learning what we should and should not eat. Check out the follow up movie to “Cereal Killers” this is “Run on Fat Cereal Killers 2016”

Topics covered

  • Metabolic disease (diseases of civilization) being compounded by the consumption of sugar & refined carbohydrates
  • Dispelling the belief that athletes need to carb load to be at peak physical performance.
  • Athletes who gain money from the sugar industry may be doing a grand disservice to the young population who look up to them. AKA Gatorade as a mythological sports god! Gatorade is purely sugar and will not help you with performance. How do we stop the propagation of this!
  • Endurance athletes discuss how using the ketogenic diet can get them to goals that they haven’t been able to accomplish previously
  • Tim Noakes & Stephen Phinney are highlighted as champions of the LCHF diet

This movie is an impressive, motivating and thought provoking look into the ketogenic diet and how (in my opinion) spreading this knowledge could CHANGE THE WORLD! Pass it on!



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