Essential Oils

Did you know that often before breakfast we are coming in contact with almost 300 chemicals! And we wonder why it’s so hard to figure out how and why we are getting sick and also overweight! These chemicals affect so many things including hormone response. The chemicals mimic certain hormones, and from what I’ve learned until you balance all your hormones (many regulate weight) you will find weight loss a frustrating attempt.  In my journey of weight loss and healthy eating I have realized that I was not just poisoning myself with sugar, refined carbs and excessive food, but I was surely poisoning myself and my family with all the chemicals sprayed and wiped around the home on a daily basis! In my search for alternatives I discovered essential oils. When choosing an Essential Oil company look for those that grow plants from organic seeds, use no pesticides, no weed killers other than their own Essential Oils! They should own their own farms, and have therapeutic grade 100% essential oil that is ingestable. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and were a key part of health and well being. They are finally making a comeback and people are discovering once again their beneficial properties! Helping us to sleep, over all well being from diffusing them and breathing the particals, keeping us healthy and even warding off insects! Amazing powerful oils!!!!!! (Please note! The oils you buy that are less expensive are most definitely less oil and more carrier oil, be wary of lesser priced oils as they could be a synthetic blend! They could also be so diluted that you will get frustrated at your attempt to make a healthy difference in your life). I am passionate about every home having oils! Because for every oil that you use, that’s one chemical you don’t use!  Please contact me now to learn more!  I am now teaching Essential oil 101 classes and I would love you to attend a live class or a virtual class! You can text or call me me at (845) 807-1571 or you can email me at

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This book “French Aromatherapy” is a must have for anyone diving into the world of Essential Oils! It’s by a fantastic woman named Jen O’Sullivan. There are many recipes for the diffuser, Rollerball and topical applications